General, in Spring, TX ,treated with a TPLO surgery and this is a note from his family.

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General managed to tear his ACL (or the equivalent to a humans ACL) in his back left leg about 2 weeks ago. He hasn’t been able to walk for long and won’t let it touch the ground when he does try to stand in one place. Needless to say, watching him go from a pretty active dog for his age was heartbreaking for us both but especially Kabel. Having rescued General when he was only weeks old, you can imagine the bond they share.

After taking him to the vet and being told he needed surgery or he would not have the quality of life he did prior to the injury. To say we felt punched in the gut, is an understatement. Kabel is still recovering from his shoulder surgery both physically and financially and on top of that, this accident happened the same week I had major surgery. There was no way we were going to be able to come up with that kind of money as soon as General needed it.

We both felt so heavy and defeated by life’s circumstances, it just seemed like it had been one thing after the other. Then, a blessing literally fell out of nowhere... Frankie’s Friends with the assistance of our amazing vet granted General the money to be able to have the surgery! I could go on and on about the INCREDIBLE charity Frankie’s Friends is all day long, they are truly angels among us. Thank you again, Frankie’s Friends for giving General the gift of being able to enjoy the rest of his days here with us. I can promise, our family will forever support, in any way we can your cause and the truly divine charity you have established.
— General's Family