Frankie’s Friends helped Oscar from Brooklyn, NY where he was treated for leptospirosis. This is a note from Oscar’s family.

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Thank you to Frankie’s Friends for providing us with fundamental assistance to help us save our little lhasa apso Oscar (Oski). He has been at BluePearl Veterinary Hospital in Brooklyn for over a week now, in urgent care. Oscar was diagnosed with leptospirosis which affected his kidney and liver functions. Thankfully he is showing great progress thanks to the vets at BluePearl, but the nature of this infection has a long recovery process. Frankie’s Friends has been gracious to help us with some of the costs in order to have Oscar there to recover to a stage where we can take over caring for him at home.

Oscar is three and a half years old. For my husband and I, he is really part of the family. We love him very much and his presence at home really fills the household with love. This past week where he hasn’t been home has been very tough. We can’t wait to have him home again - where he greets us energetically every morning as we get out of bed, and chases his tennis balls around the house, and “guards” the household from the windowsill with his lion-like fierceness. Oscar’s energy and friendliness has really won over everyone’s heart who is in contact with him. Our friends and family all care for him very much, and often ask us how he is doing — not only since he’s been sick but in general.

Again thank you!
— Oscar's Family
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