We rescued our Miniature Yorkie Frankie in 2010 and within a year he was diagnosed with diabetes. Blue Pearl put him on insulin and diabetic food. Frankie did great with our love and care, but in the next few years he was in BluePearl at least 3 times with pancreatitis, ketones and kidney problems. In 2013 he was diagnosed with cataracts, which could not be removed due to a retina disease that he was born with. By April of 2014, Frankie basically lost his eyesight..but that little guy knew us and our home. August 2014 he was at BluePearl for 7 days with attack of his diabetes. He seemed fine for the next 6 weeks, but again on 9/21/14, another bad attack and the doctors said it was time to put Frankie to sleep. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do, but he has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We are still having a very hard time without our buddy. But we are so grateful for the love he gave us and the love we gave in return. Thank you BluePearl for the extended time you gave us with our Frankie.