In Loving Memory of Peanut, the George Clooney of Dogs 
— September 15, 2018 

A true Boston Terrier and always the handsome gentleman, Peanut was the George Clooney of dogs with his dapper looks and salt-and-pepper fur. Our baby boy, our Pemo, P-Nacho, Pemo-Grigio, Pajama Party, Peanut Butters. Co-pilot on car rides, snuggler in warm laundry straight out of the dryer, and bestest friend to his sister Sophie.

Peanut went to doggie heaven, leaving us as my angel and protector on Earth to be with his doggie friends who passed before him. We are so thankful, so blessed that he shared his life with us.

Though his passing was sudden and unexpected, he was so brave and strong. We will always remember him for his many looks - from a goofy smile to a side-eye glance to sweet face with big, soft eyes.

Thank you, Peanut. You brought so much joy to our lives. We love you more than you can ever know. We didn’t say goodbye, just ‘see you later.’

Please take advantage of every moment you have to love on your babies - fur, human or otherwise. Everything changes faster than we realize, so slow down, squeeze tight and take it all in with appreciation and love. Xoxoxo