RENTON, Wash. - Some pets are getting a new 'leash on life' thanks to a charity helping pet owners pay for expensive surgeries.

Frankie's Friends came to the rescue, when Kayla Doty's dog Lanie, needed emergency surgery for eating some of Doty's clothes.

An ultrasound showed the clothes were blocking Lanie's intestines. Surgery was done and then Doty saw the bill: $7,000.

"She had developed an infection in her abdomen and that was an expensive procedure." said Dr. Liz Anne Bowman from Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital in Renton.

"I was more in shock," said Doty. "It was definitely very sad, but she, I would do everything I could for her."

It was money Doty didn't have, then her vet told her there was hope through the Frankie's Friend's charity.

The group helps pet owners with financial needs and pets they believe can recover and live happy, healthy lives.

"Frankie's Friends provides medical grants to pet owning families that can not afford emergency or specialty care for their pets," said Virginia Piper, who works for the charity.

The decision to offer the grant lies with the vet, based on financial need and if the pet's condition is survivable, which was the case for Lanie.

"This was a prognosis that we knew we could help her [Lanie} with," said Dr. Bowman. "She's a young dog and she should have a long, happy life after that."

Frankie's Friends recipients must pay at least 15 percent of the bill.

The 17-year-old charity is popular on the east coast, but new to Washington. It's currently working with five pet hospitals around the state.

Frankie's Friends recently raised $52,000 for pet owners here in Washington, and is looking for more donations. All the money raised stays in the state.

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