BLAINE, Minn. - One of the reasons humans love dogs is because they need us... depend on our love and care to live good lives.  

There's a dog recovering in Blaine who needs that love more than most. Scooby is a black and white terrier who was badly burned when his owner's pickup caught fire March 8. Tammy Brooks and Brad Spangler had gone into a food pantry in Cambridge to get some supplies, and when they came out the truck was ablaze. The couple's other dog Smokey jumped out of the burning vehicle, but  Scooby was apparently too scared. By the time he was pulled from the cab Scooby's ears were badly burned, as were his nose and paws. 

“The white part of his fur was no longer white, his fur was just charred and he was having trouble breathing,” Brooks said. She was scared, because she loves 3-year-old Scooby so much “he’s like one of my sons.”

The quiet pup has spent a week recuperating at Blue Pearl Animal Hospital in Blaine, but will need surgery to remove his damaged ears. His owners are unable to cover his extensive care due to financial difficulties, so a national charity known as Frankie's Friends has kicked off a fundraising drive to pay for Scooby's expensive surgeries and ongoing care.