UPDATE! Gnarley received the surgery and is home recovering, thanks to your donations! 

You can Watch WHAS coverage of Gnarley here.

Thanks to everyone that donated to Frankie's Friends, Gnarley, a 7 y.o. dog in Kentucky, received lifesaving surgery for injuries sustained from a machete that cut his head open while protecting his owner.

His medical team advised that Gnarley will need a recheck in a few days to see how he's doing and to assess any follow up care. Due to the swelling around his eye, they're not sure if it was also damaged in the altercation, but they do think he's able to visualize out of it for now.

Fortunately the skull wasn't completely fractured during the altercation, but there was a chip in it that was also addressed during surgery. There is no question that Gnarley's injuries could have been so much worse, and he's truly lucky that he not only survived, but is expected to make a full recovery.

He exemplifies the definition of courage and loyalty. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the cost of his lifesaving emergency veterinary care. If you would like to donate to contribute to the cost of Gnarley's care, click here.

Please help save Gnarley by donating to help pay for the cost of the surgery needed to save this incredible dog’s life.



Gnarley, a 7 year old dog in Kentucky, is currently undergoing lifesaving surgery to repair a skull fracture he sustained from a machete that cut his head open while protecting his owner. Please help save Gnarley by donating to help pay for the cost of the surgery needed to save this incredible dog’s life.

Gnarley’s owner, Mr. Young works for a telecommunications company, hanging fiber. On his current assignment in Kentucky, he shares a house with his colleagues. According to Mr. Young, one of the men he works and shares the house with had fallen on hard times and was in desperate need for money. 

After continually asking Mr. Young to borrow money, the man became irate. He went into his bedroom, ripped the door off the hinges, and came running towards Mr. Young with a machete, threatening to “cut his head off.” The man lunged towards Mr. Young when Gnarley leapt into action to protect his owner and jumped between the two men. Unfortunately, Gnarley was struck in the head with the machete, suffering a fractured skull and life-threatening lacerations.   

The assailant immediately fled the house while Gnarley’s owner rushed him to an emergency room for treatment. Mr. Young indicated “they initially couldn’t get the bleeding to stop,” but they finally did and were able to sedate Gnarley to help him rest and provide pain management until he could be prepped for surgery.

Gnarley is undergoing surgery today (July 26, 2019) for the skull fracture and laceration repair, but the cost of this unexpected emergency is more than his owner can afford. Frankie’s Friends is asking for your help to cover the cost of the surgery needed to save Gnarley’s life. 

Gnarley is expected to recover from the horrific incident, but it is unknown at this time if there will be any long term effects from his injuries. The police have since been contacted.  

According to Gnarley’s dad, he was born on October 3, 2011 in North Carolina. Mr. Young was there when he was born when his friend told him he could pick whichever dog he wanted out of the litter, as a gift. Mr. Young said, “he was born third and as soon as I saw him, I knew he was mine. He’s been loyal ever since.” They’re the best of friends, traveling the country together for Mr. Young’s work. He was named Gnarles Barkley after Mr. Young’s great adventure from Tennessee, to northern California. “He's been a little bit of everywhere, Salt Lake City, all up and down the west coast, and Texas… he's my travel buddy,” said Mr. Young. 

According to Mr. Young, Gnarley is “loveable, loves attention and walks, he’s of bubbly. “ He continued that Gnarley, “has a little bit of separation anxiety so I always pays for a dog sitter while I’m at work so he’s not alone. He's that loyal, he wants to be by my side all the time.” 

It’s evident that the bond between Gnarley and Mr. Young is unbreakable, and one that Gnarley literally risked his life for. Mr. Young said, “he’s my son…not many people would take a machete head on for you, but Gnarley did.”