"I love my pet." "He's the best member of my family. He doesn't talk and he's always there for me." "I couldn't imagine my life without her; she means the world to me." These are all statements that you've either made about your pet or heard pet owners make. What happens when your pet is diagnosed with cancer and you can't afford the treatments? If you live in the New York City area, this devastating news may be easier to handle thanks to the generosity of Dr. Agnes Varis and the Zeus Varis Fund. This fund provides funding for cancer treatments to pets from families that cannot afford the cost of care at NYC Veterinary Specialists. Dr. Varis recently gave $100,000 to Frankie's Friends for the Zeus Varis Fund. When making this gift, Dr. Varis said, "We're a team. I write the check. (Frankie's Friends finds) the families in need. (The doctors, nurses and staff) work with the animals. We all have a part in this."

But there would be no "part" to have if it weren't for her. She is a true friend of animals!

Zeus, a domestic long-hair cat, and his sister, Kallee, a calico, were adopted in 1995 as kittens by Dr. Agnes Varis and her late husband, Karl Leichtman. After being diagnosed with lymphoma in early 2009, Zeus enjoyed a high-quality of life under the care of Dr. Timothy Rocha and the NYC Veterinary Specialists team until he died in June 2009. Dr. Varis named the fund is named in memory of Zeus and in honor of Dr. Rocha, Dr. Karen Oberthaler, and the oncology team at NYC Veterinary Specialists.