I would like to start off by thanking you so much for giving us a grant towards our dog's chemo treatment for lymphoma. Our dog is a golden retriever named Molly, who will be nine years old this month. We got Molly when she was eight-weeks-old and she has been a  joy ever since. When she was about six months old, my husband taught her to get the newspaper and she's been getting it ever since; no matter how heavy it is she will bring it to him. Then he taught her to get the mail from the mailman who puts a rubber band around the mail so it doesn't fall over, he even has the substitute mailmen do the same thing.

In May of 2008, we took Molly to the emergency vet, who sent us to a specialist for her lungs. She had Pulmonary Bolla (Pneumothorax), which she survived, thanks to the wonderful facility we took her to. In April of 2009, we took Molly to our vet, Dr. Michael Canfield who spotted a melanoma under her tongue. He recommended Dr. Curtis Kane of Florida Veterinarian Specialists, who gave her four radiation treatments. Fortunately she did very well. In June 2010 we took Molly to our vet for her check-up and he found she had lymphoma. We took her back to Dr. Kane, who confirmed it. She is still undergoing treatment.

As of this date, we have spent $19,000.00 for various reasons on Molly. Frankie's Friends helping us makes our life a lot easier knowing we are receiving help for our terrific dog, Molly.

God Bless Frankie's Friends, Dr. Curtis Kane and Dr. Michael Canfield for their special caring of animals.

Very truly yours,

Judythe & Arthur Unfricht