Dear Dr. Varis, Our 7-year-old Rottweiler Katie was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma bone cancer. Her treatment consists of an amputation of the back left leg, followed by chemotherapy. Finding out Katie had this life-threatening disease was devastating for our family. We knew right away we would do whatever we had to for Katie but after talking over the cost of treatment with Dr. Rocha,  it almost seemed impossible.

Thanks to you, the Zeus Varis Fund, Dr. Rocha and the amazing staff at NYC Veterinary Specialists, Katie is getting the proper treatment she needs. She has recovered from her surgery and has been handling the chemo pretty well. In between the surgery and chemotherapy, Katie experienced bloat, unrelated to the cancer. She had to have emergency life-saving surgery. If we didn’t have the help from the grant for the first surgery, we certainly would have not been able to pay for this emergency surgery.

Katie is such a sweetie, probably the sweetest Rottweiler you could ever meet. She has brought so much happiness to our family and has taught us unconditional love. We know the cancer will eventually get the best of Katie but everyday we have with her is priceless. Words cannot express our gratitude.

Thank you Dr. Varis for giving Katie a chance.  We appreciate all you have done and we will continue to fight for Katie.


Ana(mommy), Fernando(daddy), Elektra(sister) and Katie(the baby)