I cannot thank Frankie's Friends enough for the support they have provided me with.  I've worked in the banking field for over 12 years and was first laid off in the first quarter of 2008 and proceeded to be laid off two more times in the past two years and money has never been tighter than it is now. I've had my dog Bob since the day he was born.  I also have his father Romeo and the two of them are great buddies and don't like being apart.  When I first learned of his Lymphoma diagnosis, I think I was in shock.  Animals can't help  themselves and they look to their owners to ensure their health and well being. It made me sick to think my dog may not have a fighting chance because of my current job situation and bad timing.

I want to thank Frankie's friends for giving my dog a fighting chance and we will be in debt to you forever no matter what happens going forward.

Thanks So Much,