Dear Dr. Varis, Thank you so much for your assistance with the care of our beloved cat, Shadow. It was such a relief to learn that she would be a fortunate beneficiary of Frankie’s Fund Charitable Pet Foundation.

Shadow has been such a precious member of our family since arriving nearly 10 years ago. She came to us from some very difficult circumstances as a rescue kitten. Skinny and so very afraid of every little thing those first few weeks, she quickly became a healthy, playful kitten and eventually a full-grown adult cat. Her gentle and playful nature has brought much joy into our home and tremendous companionship for us and her sister Chutney.

We were devastated when she became sick and when we learned the serious nature of her illness. It has all been so overwhelming. Now, thanks to your help, we can concentrate on taking care of Shadow and making sure she is happy and healthy. With the care of NYC Veterinary Specialists, she has been thriving over the past few months.

The work you do and the impact you have is amazing! Thank you so much.

Very best regards,

Jim McCabe and Ricky Horne