Dear Frankies Friends,

We wanted to say Thank You Very Much to all of the wonderful people that helped our precious Bully out during his horrible ordeal of breaking a growth plate in his elbow.  He was only a few months old when it broke and it was one of the scariest and most upsetting things to have happen to this beloved pup; but the staff at Blue Pearl made things a little easier and loved him like he was their own during his stay there.  It was also a very expensive surgery, and stay, but thanks to Dr. Rappa’s generosity for granting us some help through his Frankies Friends donation, it helped to make paying for the much needed surgery a little more bearable.

Bully is now 9 months old; and only 5 months after his surgery, is doing fantastic!  While he still has a small limp, he can run and jump and play around like nothing ever happened.  It’s absolutely amazing.  Your foundation is one of the few that helps people who are desperately trying to get their furry companions the proper medical treatment during tragic and life altering times, and who, without your help, may not ever be able to afford the proper care.  Thanks is just not enough and hopefully soon, we will be able to pay it forward so that other precious companions may be helped.  Thank you again and again.