This past year, my 5-lb. toy poodle, Lola, who is 4 years-old, has experienced frequent health problems.  Lola is much more than a canine companion - I consider her my "child," and as her mother, it is devastating to see her in pain.  The Lola who loved nothing better than to play fetch for however long I would throw her ball was now listlessly lying at my feet, sleeping or occasionally whimpering.  Whenever she sat in my lap, I could feel her tremble.

I was constantly taking her to the Vet's office, where she was diagnosed with gastroentitis and pancreatitis.  Having once had pancreatitis myself, I knew firsthand how painful it was, and was so distressed to have Lola going through the same thing.

My Vet said that this was a rare condition and that she had exhausted the few options available to her. I asked for a recommendation to a specialist because Lola deserved a second chance. It was then I was told me about Frankie's Friends, which would cover a great part of Lola's treatment expenses.

 What a blessing that was, as I didn't know how I was going to afford the cost.  It was bad enough that Lola was suffering, but when the financial strain is added to the equation, it becomes insurmountable. With this help from Frankie's Friends, Lola underwent tests which revealed Colitis.  She was treated with medicine and an antibiotic, and her food was changed.

  As her photograph shows, "Queen Lola" is royally robust.  Thank you, Frankie's Friends.  You helped me when I was in desperate need and words can't adequately describe what I feel seeing Lola happy and healthy again.  Bless you on behalf of both of us.

Lola's Mom