This is our story of how Frankie’s friends helped a four year old little girl with her cat named Biscuit.  We purchased Biscuit from the Hillsborough county animal shelter along with another cat for our two children; as they had just lost their other cat. Our daughter spotted Biscuit and instantly fell in love with him. They were inseparable from that point on. The two of them are just alike, into everything; unfortunately for Biscuit it almost cost him everything. 

Biscuit had gotten a hold of something that made him very sick.  After a series of emergency and regular vet visits along with X-rays it was determined that he had swallowed something and couldn’t pass it.  Time and money was of the essence now.  If Biscuit didn’t pass this object on his own in a couple of days he would need surgery.  Two days went by with no movement.  Surgery would cost way more than we could afford and we gave him as much time as we could without him suffering. 

Finally we had to make the dreaded decision to euthanize Biscuit. We brought him in to BluePearl and explained that we couldn’t afford his surgery. That’s when Dr. Shreeve informed us about Frankie’s Friends and proceeded to save my daughter’s best friend.  Three months have passed and Biscuit is doing great. We truly cannot thank Frankie’s Friends enough for the great gift they have given our daughter and our family.