Dear Trustees of the Zeus Varis Fund, 

I wish I could fully convey how much your financial support means to our family.  Nala is our baby.  She is the best part of our life.  Finding out that she had cancer was devastating, but we were hopeful that surgery would be the answer. Unfortunately, within three months another mast cell tumor developed and she needed a second surgery.  Radiation was then recommended.  We were determined to make sure she continued getting the necessary treatment, but unsure of how we would cover any additional costs.  John is disabled due to kidney disease and a large portion of our income goes towards his medical expenses, so we typically live paycheck to paycheck.  We could not imagine making critical decisions about Nala's health based on what we could afford.
As a social worker, I know what a difference caring people and charitable organizations like yours can make in the lives of others.  To be on the receiving end has been life changing. Thank you for helping us get Nala the care she deserves and for giving us a sense of relief and hope for the future.

Let me tell you a little bit about the sweet girl who you have helped.  My husband and I adopted Nala eleven years ago, after Animal Haven rescued her and her brother from being euthanized by a local animal control shelter.  She had been severely neglected, at seventeen pounds she was half her normal weight, and she had lost most of her hair due to skin infections.  Animal Haven got her the medical attention she so desperately needed and we somehow became the lucky people who got to take her home.

 Since that day, Nala has brought such joy to our lives.  She is a shy, but loving and strong-willed little girl who loves routines, carrots (oddly enough one of her favorite treats), making elaborate nests with blankets and pillows, playing ball, going to visit grandma & grandpa, and snuggling in bed under the covers.  All we have ever wanted is to ensure that her life is as happy and healthy as possible.  Thank you for helping us make that a reality.  We are so incredibly grateful for your support. Hopefully one day we will be able to return the favor to the foundation and other families in need.