I am so thankful for having my beloved Hamlet accepted for a grant for his oncology treatment at BluePearl. I adopted Hamlet and his recently departed best friend Lucy from Animal Care & Control, a shelter in Manhattan in 2001. They were both about 1 year old.

We lived near the World Trade Center and after 9/11 we had to move a few times before settling into Kew Gardens, NY. Hamlet has always been so kind and loving  and such a loyal companion to Lucy and me.

This past Christmas Eve Hamlet began to feel ill and it took some time to properly diagnose his low grade lymphoma. I was devastated, yet his prognosis of 1-2 years and possibility of remission gave me hope that Hamlet may indeed have "9 lives".
Financially, I am unable to pay for the treatment and so it means the world to me that Hamlet can get such fabulous care by the staff at BluePearl with the help of the Zeus Varis fund. 

Hamlet is responding well to the prednisolone and he starts his chlorambucil tomorrow. His bloodwork came back today and was all good. He is a strong, feisty cat and I think he will fight the lymphoma as best as he can. He is a charming,beautiful cat and I am just so grateful for any of the time i will have left with him. 

Thank you so much!