Iris was diagnosed at 6 weeks old with a heart murmur. We kept an eye on it, hoping it might just go away, but it did not. The weeks went by and nothing changed. Finally I took her to BluePearl to have an echocardiogram to see what what going on with her heart. It turned out she had PDA and would need to have surgery right away or else her heart might fail.

I was heartbroken to know my puppy had such a small chance at living a full and happy life. With the cost of surgery and knowing it had to be done ASAP, I was very scared. But Frankie's Friends stepped in and helped and I could not be more grateful! I was also in relief that Iris' heart COULD be fixed and we were going to fix it!

Frankie's friends helped me cover the cost of the surgery and we had it done that next week.  She is now completely healed from the surgery, happy, and healthy. My baby girl will now be able to live a long, fulfilling life. Her heart is in great shape and it is just mind-blowing and amazing what these doctors have been able to do for her. Thank you so much for everything!! When I am more stable financially, I will definitely be paying it forward to this organization so they can keep doing what they're doing, saving lives.
                                                        Ariel Byrd & thankful pup, Iris.