To the Angels at the Zeus Varis Fund:

Thank you so much for your generosity in helping me treat my best friend. Last June, I fell on hard times when I unexpectedly lost my job. I noticed last September that Thurgood's rear lymph nodes were elevated. After a considerable amount of money was spent on diagnostics, I was no closer to a definitive answer as to what was ailing him. It was not until I started seeing Dr. Britton at BluePearl when the diagnosis of lymphoma was confirmed.

The team of specialists did not waste any time and readily began treating this aggressive cancer. Unfortunately the bills quickly became more than I could bear. Thankfully I learned about Frankie's Friends and the generosity this organization offers to those in situations similar to mine. This award has lifted a weight off my shoulders and allows me to continue to provide the best and necessary level of care to my best friend, Thurgood.

Again I would like to thank you for awarding me this financial support and I look forward to a time when my financial situation allows me to give back to this organization.

All the very best,

Maribel ,Thurgood, Kitty, Riley & Sadie (Rabbits)