Dear Frankie's Friends

Today I was facing the impossible, heart wrenching decision to end my darling "Squeeky's" suffering because I could not afford the life-saving surgery she needs. I had no idea that the office manager was advocating for my sweet kitty, so when I was informed of the generous help your foundation offered I was and am overwhelmed with gratitude!

It is a gift that has saved my kitty's life and injected me with a huge dose of faith and love for all who have made this possible.

I promise I will be raising funds, asking friends and spreading the word to repay and help another pet owner in need.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

p.s. Squeeze's name when I first got her was "Frankie Blue-eyes." From today on I will call her Squeaky Frankie.

Warmth and Gratitude

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