My baby girl, Roxie, has suffered from glaucoma for over five years.  She's a very smart Australian Shepherd mix and is very stoic. She had her left eye removed in October of 2010 at BluePearl, and she did so very well after.  Unfortunately, February of 2013 her right eye started showing signs of glaucoma and treatment started once again for my baby.

For just about two years, working with the wonderful staff at BluePearl and Dr. Jessica Stine, we were able to keep her glaucoma under control.  Roxie was tolerating five drops in her eye up to three times a day and one pill two times a day.  But the time came when Roxie wasn't showing any signs of having any vision out of her right eye and the months of medicine were taking a toll on her eye in a bad way. It was decided she would do better without her eye since she wasn't seeing anything anymore anyway. I, however, had just been laid off from my job of ten years and I had no idea how I was going to pay for this. But my dog's needs will always come first. Roxie has been my baby for over twelve years!

I knew I would be able to cover much of the surgery.  Then, once again, a wonderful thing happened for Roxie and I.  Dr. Stine said she would recommend us for help from Frankie's Friends.  That enabled me to pay for the surgery and my Roxie June is thirteen and thriving!

After some initial trouble with some nasty bacteria that was detected during surgery, Roxie is better than ever!  She gets around the house just fine.  She goes in and out the doggie door and explores my backyard without issues.  She's even back to wrestling with my male Aussie, Franky.

She's a new dog because she's free of pain!  I have Frankie's Friends to thank for that.  And, of course, I can't forget the wonderful and very kind staff at BluePearl and Dr. Stine.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.