When our beloved dog Baby Girl came into our lives eight years ago, we weren’t sure if she would become a permanent addition to our family, which already included two happy, healthy dogs. We found her abandoned in a local park. She was extremely thin, and was suffering from old and new burn marks on her back. We took her home to meet our other dogs, but she cowered in the corner, frightened by our loving attention. She had no way to trust us because she had been traumatized in the past, but she did not display any aggressive behavior. Baby Girl just didn’t know what to expect from us. 

I immediately contacted my veterinarian and scheduled an appointment for the next day. I separated Baby Girl from my other dogs the first night because I did not want to risk any transmission of disease. My vet informed me that Baby Girl was extremely malnourished, was probably used for mass breeding purposes, and was very thin for her age and breed. With our love and our vet’s guidance, Baby Girl started on her road to recovery.

Since that time, Baby Girl has integrated well with my family. She has grown to become a healthy, vibrant and friendly dog. She has a warm and calming effect on our family and keeps her siblings (our other dogs) alert and active, especially her older sister Britney. During my recent pregnancy, all of my dogs kept close to me as if they were watching over my unborn child and me. They somehow sensed that I was to be protected, and when my son was born, they instinctively took on the role as nurturing, loving family members. 

When we recently learned our beloved Baby Girl was diagnosed with stage II cancer, our hearts were broken. Our entire family rallied to protect her as she had protected us. We were luckily referred to Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic and met Dr. Lachowicz. He welcomed us and was gentle and kind in dealing with our almost hopeless problem. From the first visit, Dr. Lachowicz always tried to calm Baby Girl down with gentle caresses because she would shiver with fright and timidity. He also spoke directly to Baby Girl often, and gave her thorough check-ups. Dr. Lachowicz explained Baby Girl’s diagnoses in a way we could understand, and provided our options in a detailed, caring manner. Admittedly, our family was shocked when we learned about the considerable expense of chemotherapy treatments for Baby Girl. However, we did not want to let go of the hope that Baby Girl’s life could be prolonged. We analyzed our current expenses and decided that we could only afford a few of the chemo treatments. Dr. Lachowicz told us about Frankie’s Friends and all the good work they do, and made the referral. I applied and received the blessed news that Baby Girl was to be accepted and sponsored through your foundation. We could not believe it and were overcome with joy! 

We have so many pictures of our family, which include our wonderful dogs, and whenever we look at them and see the love our dogs have for my family we I feel beyond blessed. We thank God that Baby Girl made it to Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic, received great care from Dr. Lachowitz, and received your wonderful sponsorship. Not many people understand what animals truly mean to animal owners. They are very much like humans, although they do not communicate their love with words. All of my dogs have taught me and my family to love unconditionally, to be kind and generous, and above all to be patient and giving to all living things. It is an honor to accept this sponsorship. We want to extend our gratitude through writing, and in person one day soon. I feel my words here are not enough to express how my heart is overflowing with joy and filled with gratitude to know that your foundation helped us increase the chance to extend Baby Girl’s life.  It is truly a blessing. Thank you so much!  

From my family to yours and to Zeus Varis Fund, thank you!