Thank you to everyone at the Zeus Varis Fund, for helping with the treatment of Harvey's lymphoma. Without the generous support of your organization, he could not get the care he so desperately needs.

When I received Harvey's diagnosis, I was heartbroken - the healthy, playful dog I love doomed to end life as a listless husk of his former self. Having just graduated and yet to find a job, I was at a loss as to how to provide for his treatment. What little money I had saved up was exhausted by his diagnosis and initial hospital stay. That's when Harvey's wonderful veterinary oncologist, Dr. Brooke Britton, told me about Frankie's Friends.

I applied to the program and, within days, received a reply. Harvey's chemotherapy began immediately, and now, less than 2 weeks in, he's slowly getting back to his old self. It fills my heart with joy to watch him take pleasure in life again, and to know that there are people like yourselves out there who care.