To the Zeus Varis Fund: 

We never imagined that Lazarus, our loveable gentle giant, would fall victim to lymphoma cancer at such a young age- he still has yet to turn 4 years old. It’s nearly impossible to think back to when we first learned of his diagnosis- the overwhelming fear, anger and helplessness is almost too difficult to describe. We thought about all the kisses and cuddles we would miss out on, the pure love and affection he brings to any room he enters, and his energizing antics that brightens our every day. Dave and I thought about how life-changing it was to have found him in the shelter years ago as a 10 month old puppy and how our family has never been the same since. We cried at the idea of leaving Jackson, our 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle mix without a little brother and partner-in-crime. It is still painful to think about the void that would remain if he were to leave us.


Thinking about this all, while managing the very hard and painful reality of meeting the costs of his chemotherapy treatment has been debilitating to us. Prior to his diagnosis, we were already struggling to make ends meet and this news put us over the edge- many sleepless nights have passed as we struggled to figure out how to make payments and the consequences that would arise if we couldn’t.

Aid from the Zeus Varis fund has enabled us to breathe again- because we now know Lazarus can get the life-saving chemotherapy that he needs to survive and thrive. Dr. Rocha and his team at Blue Pearl have taken such good care of our little boy and we are so grateful to them for their skilled treatment and care. We will forever be grateful for this gift- which has enabled us to keep Lazarus with us and benefit from many more kisses and cuddles for times to come.