We can't thank the supporters of Frankie's Friends enough for the donations we received to save our wonderful dog Tig.

Tig is a 4-year-old Australian Shepard/border collie mix. My husband and I got Tig right after we got married in 2011. He was just a 6 week puppy. Since then we have lived in Florida and he has two younger brothers. Happy which is our Italian Mastiff. Happy and Tig are named after the show Sons of Anarchy, and act just like the characters from the show. They are the most loyal, loving, caring and so full of personality dogs I've ever seen. Our son is their baby brother who is one year old and absolutely adores both Happy and Tig. My husband is a military veteran and Tig has been a huge part of helping him, almost like a service dog.

When we got back from our NC visit in October, Tig had eaten a whole corncob at our family farm in NC, and that made him very sick. Tig wouldn't eat or drink anything. He began to vomit and we then knew he needed help as soon as possible. We went to BluePearl Hospital in Tampa. We weren’t able to afford treatment for Tig and the worst thing ran through our minds - that we were going to have to put Tig down and lose our boy because of financial reasons. A miracle instantly came to us in the waiting room. As we cried three veterinarians at BluePearl came in and informed us that they and Frankie's Friends would be able to cover Tig's surgery!!! Our hearts filled with joy!!! We were so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. We couldn't thank them and Frankie's Friends enough for the generous donation.

Tig had his surgery that evening. He spent several days in recovery where we went to see him and soon after brought him home. Tig is our world and it would never have been the same if we weren't able to have him home again with us. On December 12th Tig was recovered enough that we got to do the Frankie's Friends 5k. Team Tig raised over $300 dollars for the 5k. We had an awesome time.

Frankie's Friends supporters and donors: we can't thank you enough for helping keep our family whole!! 

Hopefully these pictures can show how much Tig means to us. There are pictures the day of the surgery, the day after when he came home, one with our son, and pictures from the 5k and Christmas. 

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