I own an incredible 4 year old Boxer named Tilly.  I rescued Tilly when she was 18 months old from the Rockin "P" Rescue organization in Alabama.  She had been found by the Birmingham Animal Control wandering the streets malnourished and suffering with heart worm.

One Sunday last July, when Tilly was only three years old, I received a telephone call from Tilly's veterinarian telling me that what we presumed was an innocent skin tag on her lip was in fact malignant melanoma.  I took her to an oncologist at Georgia Veterinary Specialists and was told that since there had been no spread to her lungs or lymph nodes she was an excellent candidate for the Oncept Melanoma Vaccine.  Without the vaccine the doctor advised me she would die within one to five months.  

The problem I faced was that I had been unemployed for almost a year.  The cost of the vaccine, which would provide my Tilly with an excellent chance for a continued quality of life, was beyond my means.

It was at that time that I learned of Frankie's Friends.  It was through their generosity that my Tilly received a scholarship to help cover the cost of the initial phase of her life-saving treatment. As a result of this foundation Tilly was able to receive the treatment that is proving to be effective at combating the melanoma and she continues to be the loving, playful, goofy Boxer she deserves to be.

I will be forever grateful to Frankie's Friends for giving my girl Tilly a second chance at life.