I wanted to say thank you, for your support and donations that saved my little man life. Skiddy is only 3 and 1/2 years old and been through so much in his short life. Skiddy was a stray kitten brought to me by another stray. Skiddy was a runt and afraid of everything hence is name. He stole my heart. He follows me every where, and gives head-butts. I brought him into my vet when he showed difficulty urinating. When, after 24 hours at my current vet, she made an appt for me to bring to him to BluePearl, my heart dropped because I knew it was serious. Dr. Waxman evaluated Skiddy and I found hope where there was none until I heard the cost and my heart started to break. I broke down on the phone. Three months prior I lost my 12 yr old dog to blout, and expensed most of my resources trying to save her. Dr. Waxman told us to come in and we would discuss our options. When I arrived she told me about Frankie's Friends and that she and Dr. Otto were going to donate their funds to Skiddy's operation. I broke down and began to cry overwhelmed with their generosity and rushed Skiddy to BluePearl in Tampa.

Dr. Salas performed the PU surgery and he was cared for by Stephanie while he recovered at their facility. No words can ever express the amount of gratitude I have for Frankie's Friends and the incredible staff at BluePearl. I am blessed everyday with this little guy. Thank you!!!