Thank you for letting Red run again!

(Red)ington is a lovable, energetic, 2 year old Doberman mix that loves to play and run.  At the dog park, Red loves to play with other dogs and people often comment on how fast he can run.  One day, on our way for a walk, Red slipped his collar from excitement of seeing something (squirrel, animal, etc), and ran right into the road at full speed.  We could see a car coming down the curved hill and tried to scream for it to stop but it was no use.  The most horrible sounding yelps we had ever heard came from Red as he hobbled over to us after his collision with he car. 

We immediately bundled him up, carefully holding his fractured leg in place, while we started to drive.  It was a holiday, Labor Day, and we had no clue where to go.  Thank goodness for the 24 hour BluePearl Vet Clinic that was open, they saved Red's leg and life.  The doctors and staff were overwhelmingly sympathetic and helpful in our time of crisis.  However, we were faced with a decision of amputation of Red's leg or a surgery that was financially impossible for us.  After x-rays, the doctor described that Red's compound fracture was angled and that he would be an ideal candidate for surgery.  Knowing that he could keep his leg, but not being able to pay for it, left us feeling helpless.  The doctor working with us sent in a recommendation on our behalf to Frankies Friends and we were approved.  Red would be able to run again! 

Never have we been more thankful and appreciative for an organization!  Frankies Friends gave Red the opportunity to be able to run again on all four paws.  His surgery went well, we could visit him every day that he needed to stay over, and he is now fully re cooperated and feeling great! Thank you so much Frankies Friends! 


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