I'm writing this email to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My beloved Rowdy, a 3 year old rescued cat, needed a procedure done two days ago at the emergency clinic. Surgery went well but when I thought the worst was left behind, I found myself and my baby back to the same point this morning. I rushed to the clinic again worried for his health. The bill came and fear did too.

Knowing I couldn't afford to face another high bill, I found myself hopeless and afraid for my pet. I was wandering about what could possibly happen if I couldn't be approved for financial help or if low cost clinics would turn me and my pet down. I feared of losing him and being separated. He means a lot to me. I have been diagnosed with cancer and his love is helping me a lot during this time. He also has a little brother home waiting for him, a little kitten I have rescued a year ago to keep him company during those lonely days he had to spend alone while I was out working.

When the veterinarian told me about your organization I saw hope. I'm crying tears of joy while I'm writing this. I can't believe my little boy is safe and can return home with me. I am so grateful to you and all people donating to support pets and families in need. Be sure I will return the favor when I'll be back on track. Thank you very much