I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for helping my little Molly today. I adopted her only 5 days ago and she has already been through a lot. Not only the transition into a new home, but we also found out she had Giardia the day I got her. So this poor girl has been in and out of animal hospitals. She has been such a good sport though and hasn't stopped wagging her tail! I walked outside for a few minutes when we were at home and when I walked inside, she was up on the counter and had eaten 10 or so pieces of gum that had spilled in my purse.

I immediately took her to BluePearl and they couldn't have been more helpful. When I saw the bill I was devastated. I'm in the social work field. I thought I had planned out monthly costs well but I did not expect two big incidents to occur within the first week! I had no idea what to do, and then they told me about your organization. I cried sad tears at first and then happy tears.

You are doing such an amazing thing! Molly is happy and healthy and I am now double puppy proofing the home. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for helping my baby!