Trouble is a young rescue cat who was adopted along with his foster mate. He quickly earned his name by being the most adventurous and accident-prone kitten. He seemed to know that his mission in life was to be a companion animal for my daughter who has anxiety. He also has not missed a read-aloud session, family movie, or most other gatherings where a lap might be available.

Last year, on Halloween, we took him in to BluePearl Vet at the advice of our usual veterinarian because he had swallowed some string. The string had been caught around his tongue but bunched up inside his intestines. Surgery was needed urgently or he would become septic.  We fortunately had Trupanion Insurance, but once our out-of-pocket expenses for the two vet bills, x-rays, and our portion of the bill was paid, we were out a thousand dollars.  As a single mother working in human services, with four growing kids, and five pets to feed, I was completely tapped out. We figured it would be worth it to use our savings to see this otherwise healthy cat through.

Unfortunately, Trouble developed a secondary infection, under the stitches after his surgery. After noticing the swelling and heat, we took him back to BluePearl where they needed to re-open the wound and put in a drain and antibiotics. This was an additional expense of many hundreds of dollars. Insurance would pay part of this, but we had nothing left! This might have been the end for our brave friend, but we were encouraged to apply for Frankie's Friend Funds. We did, and are happy to report that about two weeks later, Trouble was back to his usual antics.

Frankie's Friends supporters should be delighted to know that since last Halloween, Trouble has managed to knock down an entire shelving unit, in the process decimating a terrarium. He routinely sends the contents of desks or tables to the floor.  He has gotten himself stuck in the laundry hamper, has leaped out to startle us from hidey-holes, and has escaped the house just long enough to bring home fleas. He continues to run up and down the hallways at night, tease the dogs, and fight with the other cat. However, through it all he has kept his very social personality. I think he was even more loving coming out of his surgeries, almost as if he knew we had sacrificed much to take care of him.

He is ready to return to his windowsill this Halloween as the official Black Cat in residence.