A few weeks ago, I went to BluePearl because my baby kept throwing up and I didn’t know why. After running a few diagnostics, they told me that he had a foreign object obstructing his digestive tract that was causing frequent vomiting and the only way to help him at that point was an emergency surgery to remove it.

I am a second year pre-med student at the University of South Florida, so an emergency surgery for my kitten did not really fit in to my budget. I tried everything I could to figure out how to pay for it, including asking family for help, applying for a credit card, and making a go fund me page. After I had exhausted all of my options, the doctor told me that you guys would be able to help me pay for his surgery and I was so relieved.

You helped save my baby. He has fully healed and he is back to his spunky and energetic little self. He likes to run around and play. He even plays fetch and wags his tail. I swear he is part dog. I just want to thank you for everything and I hope to one day pay it forward.