Shortly after his 1st Birthday, my beautiful boy Alexie began suffering from a urinary blockage. In the course of 3 days he went from being a very big kitten with the heart of a teddy bear to a very sick boy whose life was very much so hanging in the balance and needed very major surgery.

The medical staff at BluePearl took wonderful care of Alexie but having just come off of nine months of unemployment I had no money and no credit available to pay for the care my Alexie so desperately needed. I was at my wits end, there was no way to get the money I needed.

That is when the staff at BluePearl told me about Frankie’s Friends. They coordinated with your wonderful organization so that Alexie could get the care he needed.

It has been a long road and he had a few set-backs but he is now happy and healthy and enjoying playing with ‘his’ Christmas tree. Words are not enough to thank you for all you did for me and Alexie.