I want to take a moment and tell your organization how GRATEFUL I am for your help in a time when I felt so helpless. I had given every spare penny I had to help save my cat, Senior Don Gato's life when he developed a urinary crystal obstruction. He needed a surgery to save his life that I couldn't afford on my own.

Gato has been my best friend for 10 years. He has been all over the world with me, as I was a soldier in Germany when he first came to me as a rescue when he was a kitten. I had no idea what a special friend he would end up being to me. I deployed to Iraq and had to leave him with a neighbor while I was gone and Gato even Skyped me while I was there! Lol He was there for me at some of the hardest and saddest moments of my life and realizing that I couldn't help him anymore at one of his was so heart breaking.

The veterinary hospital he was being treated at told me about your organization and said you may be willing to help. When I got the final answer and they took Gato back for his surgery, I felt my prayers were answered and that I would get another 10 years with my best friend! Thank you so much for this gift and giving me back my best friend, my cuddle buddy and personal foot warmer, words could never express my gratitude.