When I first laid my eyes on Littlelady as a puppy she had angel wings, I knew she was a special girl.

My husband & I were so scared when we found out our Littlelady was diagnosed with Addison's disease at only 2 yrs old.

When we found out it was manageable we were still scared but relieved it was not more serious, you see we had fell in love with her the moment we met her & she had done so much for me since coming into my life as a puppy.

A year later my husband & I were devastated to find out she had lymphoma cancer at age five.

We took her to BluePearl again to start cancer treatments. My husband took her every time because it was so upsetting to me.

When we maxed out available funds, we heard about Frankie's Friends through BluePearl and were hopeful of getting any help to keep her with us. Frankie's Friends helped us.

She is my guardian angel but she has many angels we are thankful for.

We are so overwhelmed with gratitude for Frankie's Friends, Brian Luria at BluePearl & Dr. Canfield & Staff from Animal Hospital of Regency Park for making it possible to have her home playing, healthy & happy.

I can't imagine life without her. I know one day I will have to let her go but thanks to Frankie's Friends, BluePearl & Dr. Kane and our vet Dr. Canfield, I am glad it wasn't then & it's not today. It makes me tear up overcome with emotion every time I think about it.

We spend every minute together & I can't even begin to imagine my life without her. She is truly the biggest blessing in our life. 

A Special Thanks to Dr. Canfield & staff for continuing to care for her with love.