My son and I came home from school one week ago to our dog, Pip deathly ill from a severe case of HGE. She nearly died in front of us.  We made it to BluePearl emergency hospital in Clearwater, Fl where they were able to stabilize her for the next two nights which was all we could afford. Everyone was working with us to bring her home as soon as possible because the cost was more than we could handle at the moment. I have been a teacher for 13 years, am newly pregnant and was beginning to think we would have to put her to sleep because the cost was so high and we didn't have many answers.

She started to improve and we were ready to bring her home but then she had a set back and needed to stay one more night. My son and I went to see Pip to possibly say our goodbyes if we needed to and we were then told that our family had been accepted by your program to provide care for Pip for one more night. It was just what she needed!

Pip and my 9 year old son, London have been inseparable their entire lives. They sleep together, do homework together, share ice cream, ride bikes and even jump on the trampoline together. This meant everything to him. We prayed for God to help us to save our dog or prepare us to make a hard choice if it came to it.

You were a happy answer to our prayers and we are so grateful. Thank you so much for keeping my two best friends together! London does an iCare project each year for his gifted program to help a charity or cause important to him,and this year it will be Frankie's Friends.