About a year ago I almost lost my cat Tiger Lily. (I call her Lily for short.) She had fallen 6 flights and severely broken her hip. I ran with her in my arms to BluePearl emergency doctors. The doctor said that she would need surgery. I had not even thought about what it might cost until I was sitting there waiting in the examine room. When the doctor came in and told me, I knew there was no way I could possibly afford the cost.  This was so incredibly hard because it was either surgery to save her life or put her down.  I was absolutely heart broken, that this would be her end just because I couldn't afford her surgery.

I was offered a scholarship from Frankie’s Friends and Lily was able to get the care she needed. I am so incredibly thankful for this program because it not only save Lily's life but a little part of mine. Lily is doing so much better now and back to her crazy ways.

We recently moved and live on the first floor (a important aspect for me when looking for a apartment). She is very happy and so am I. Thank you so much for saving my friend!