Thank you for your help & support, you have saved my child. When my baby was feeling sick I was hoping it was something simple & quick. I was hoping for the issue to pass, but after 12 hours I did not see an improvement and immediately took him to the vet. After a couple of x-rays they told me they could not see what is causing Hercules to regurgitate, but recommended for us to take him the BluePearl Animal Hospital. We took him there Immediately. The office wanted to keep him over night to keep him hydrated & see if would improve.

After a sleepless night we woke up feeling positive and we were  hoping for some good new but we received the complete opposite. Our child Hercules was in critical conditions and his health was not improving, The office informed us that there was a foreign object in Hercules' GI track & it was deadly. We immediately left work and drove to BluePearl to see what options were available.

Surgery was the only way. After maxing out our funds we were still left with a large balance. I was devastated and I did not know how I was going to be able to save my child, my best friend. That’s when Frankie's Friends came in and saved our him. You guys gave Hercules another opportunity to live. My heart was filled with joy.

Thank you Frankie's Friends.