Back in December my 1 year old lab mix rescue, Mia, started acting very strange and melancholy. The next day her neck had swelled up so bad it looked like she had swallowed a football and after 3 more days of vet visits it was clear that antibiotics were not enough and I had to take her to the emergency room where she ended up being rushed into surgery.

Seeing the pain in her eyes and not being able to explain what was happening to her was unbearable. As I was told how much the bills were going to be to save her life I was completely overwhelmed and stressed.

The wonderful vets at Seattle Veterinary Specialists Downtown reached out to Frankie's Friends to recommend my case for a grant to help ease the burden of the costs (which were considerable) and I was approved. I can't express how grateful I am for this financial help. It felt like someone throwing me a life vest when I was drowning and lifted my spirits during this trying time that happened to coincide during the holidays.

Mia is my family and I can't thank Frankie's Friends enough for helping in her full recovery! She is back to her old energetic self running around, playing fetch and occasionally getting into mischief.

Here is a photo of her in the hospital just after her surgery back in December and another one of her playing fetch on the beach just a couple weeks ago :)