The only thing I know to say is thank you! Our sweet 4.5 month old pup named Klaus fractured his femur late one night. We went to BluePearl and had it assessed. After revealing he had a femur fracture we took him home, and figured we'd see our vet for surgery the next day.

Come to find out our vet doesn't do these surgeries anymore and no vet in the area had an opening for him. Due to how much pain he was in the previous night, we brought him back to BluePearl to get assistance with pain management. I proceeded to tell the doctor I was trying to find him a place to receive the surgery because the cost was not doable for us.

I am a vet tech, I had worked in the field for 3 yrs prior to moving with the military and you'd never think you'd be on this side of the table. Not only did I never think this would be me sitting here, but I never thought the time would come where I didn't know how I would pay for it. When Dr. Gill came back out and told me that I was able to receive assistance through Frankie's Friends  I did nothing but cry. Knowing that he would be treated was overwhelming. To know my pup wouldn't have to be in pain, suffering until I found someone and that he WOULD be coming home to me, my husband and two girls meant more to me than anything. And knowing there are people in the world that still pay it forward and want to help each other is beyond a blessing. Thank you Frankie's Friends. I can't wait to be able to assist in the future with someone else's pet and owner.