I would like to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart. If it wasn't for you and the many people who donate to this foundation, I could have lost my dog. 

Just a few months after my 18th birthday I was just starting to experience the adult life, paying my own bills and working a full time job. One morning my little sister woke up and noticed a weird odor coming from my dogs cage, when she walked over she noticed a huge amount of blood and my dog shaking in the corner. At the moment I was woken up by screaming, I ran over and seen the saddest face I have ever seen on my dogs face. I panicked and called my grandmother (who has worked with animals for over 20 years) the office was closed and she advised me to take him to a local ER.

Driving around trying to find one was horrific, Every minute felt like hours, I seemed to get caught at every red light.. my dog was shaking and throwing up blood. I remember trying to him telling him everything will be okay, We arrived at an ER and as soon as they saw him they took him back. I was laying on the floor with him rubbing his paw begging him not to give up, begging him to hold on and stay strong for me, with tears streaming down my face. I saw a look on his face as he inched towards me to lay his head on my shoulder like he was trying to tell me everything was all right, and that broke me down. I felt like that was the last look I would ever see on his face.

When the vet came back in she told me they could only see a large black mass on his x-rays and that they were short staffed and wouldn't be able to do anything for him and asked me to go to BluePearl. When we arrived they were very helpful and took him straight back and sent me to a private room where I sat waiting. When the lady came back she informed me that he wasn't doing well and my best bet would be to keep him there overnight and see if he improved, or take him home and hope he made it through the night. Not knowing what it would cost me I agreed to keep him there, that is when she showed me what the bill would be. I remember my heart breaking because I could not afford that, I felt like I failed him and let him down because I was young and didn't have the funds to save his life. That's when the lady saw how broken I was over it and how hard it was for me, and she told me about Frankie's Friends. I jumped onto the offer and that night my dog was able to stay overnight.

Then my heart was crushed when they handed me a DNR paper, asking me if I would want them to perform if anything was to happen, that was the hardest thing ever. However, He got the care he needed and so much more. Saying goodbye to him as I went home was the hardest thing I ever did, but thanks to Frankie's friends  and the wonderful people at BluePearl he made it through the night and was taken straight to the Vets the next morning and got the emergency surgery that he needed. 

We found out that he had gotten into the trash and ate a chunk of glass, mistaking it for ice. It tore his insides up all the way through and his stomach was inflamed and full of blood. The vet said his stomach lining was over an inch thick and his intestines were black. He stayed at the vet for over a week and every day after work I showed up and would spend time with him watching him get stronger. 

This is Puckermen Lakieth (AKA Puck) who just celebrated his 2nd birthday in December thanks to Frankie's Friends. Thanks to you guys I have my baby at home healthy and full as energy. I couldn't picture my life without him, and every day I am thankful for what you guys have done. I have been apart of his life since he was 3 weeks old and I plan to be apart of it for many years to come. Thank you again so much for being such wonderful people who care for the lives of family pets, and give the help that is needed to keep these animals with their families. 

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