Thank you Frankie’s Friends for making it possible to stay with my human.  One Sunday I felt frisky and opened the front door and dashed in front of a car.  It was very scary.  When my mom learned how expensive my surgery was going to be she was very afraid she’d have to give me up.  

Mom has fibromyalgia and I help her through the rough times.  It was heartbreaking that she might not be able to help me.  Thankfully because of Frankie’s Friends contributions to my emergency bill, I was able to get fixed up and three days later I was home. 

Being a tripod dog isn’t so bad.  I get way more treats around town and I am still fast enough to play and jump and tease my kitty cousins. 

We are eternally grateful for all generous humans at Frankie’s Friends who help make happy endings for pet families like us.

Woof woof, 
Fred the Puggle and His Human and Feline Family