Dear Donors of Frankie's Friends, 

You may not even know the full picture of how much your support means for low income families. The cat that got sick belongs to my son, who is 5 years old. He is a therapy cat for my son. This cat brought comfort and peace to him and to me as a mother. We sincerely love him and he is a part our family. My son and I receive Medicaid assistance and unfortunately cannot afford to have vet insurance. Now that the cat is sick, we have a bill close to $3000 and this is almost my monthly income.


Even though I did not have the funds to take our cat to the vet, it was a life threatening situation and I was ready to pay vet visit with our rent and food money. But with your generous help, we will be able to afford to pay the medical bills and have enough funds to be able to pay rent, eat and celebrate Christmas. And in our turn, we will volunteer in our community to assist in animal shelter. It's all about helping those in need. 

Thank you form the bottom of our hearts.