To Frankies Friends/Hope fund:


I want to thank your generous and compassionate organization for helping Bubba and me. You have helped me to help him get the care he needs to survive and live with me as he already does in my heart.

I cried when the veterinarians told me he has cancer. I held him close with kisses as they explained his options and financial expectations.  I knew without treatment he would leave me quickly within 1-4 months.  Without your kindness and financial support, we would not have been able to save him. Now I have hope through the tears.

Bubba can continue to play tug with his green dog biscuit toy and pillow. He can sleep next to me where I can hold him and hear him breathing and dreaming. I can continue to tell him how handsome he is and how much I love him...My little Big man. Being disabled, he is my heart, motivation, sweetest companion and brightest light. I am hopeful that due to your amazing generosity and help, that his life will continue to brighten and bring joy to all that see him as he does in my eyes daily. Bubba loves me as I do him, unconditionally and eternally. Every day with him is a special blessing.  

With sincerest gratitude and thanks.