Dear Frankie’s Friends,
Thank you so much for saving my 12 year old chihuahua mix with dachshund. Her name is Maya and she had pyometra (infection in the uterus). Because of her age and the price of the procedure, we were planning on putting her down, until the BluePearl animal hospital gave us your information and that you would help us out a lot. They said since my dad caught her infection in time before rupturing, they would be able to do surgery and she should make it through.

She is always a trooper. We found her in 2006 while on vacation in North Carolina and I was only ten years old. She was found by my dad on the side of the road. Only 4 months old, this dog wouldn’t leave us even when we went out on a boat for 4 hours, she was still there. No one claimed her and so we decided to take her home to our farm. She loves sleeping next to me on the bed either in between my legs or resting her head on my side. She loves the dog beach and rides in the truck (her favorite spot is on the center console). Thank you again for saving a very important part of our family. The hospital said she is healthy and will have 4 or more years left in her life! Thank you again!