Kira has had crystals in her urine in the past and is on prescription food to prevent them from but one or two times a year we couldn't get the prescription food and had to substitute something else. Two weeks ago she was having difficulty urinating and went in for tests. She was on medication to dissolve the crystals in her urine when bleeding when urinating started and further tests revealed the kidney stone. She needs to have a surgery to remove the kidney stone. The surgery was scheduled for 6/25/18, but the vet moved it up due to a cancellation because she is in pain.

Kira lives with Christine who is undergoing cancer treatment. There are a lot of bills and credit card debt, and even though she's retired she's paying off the mortgage.  In the past year she's had to replace the washer and dryer, and make payments toward funeral expenses for her elderly mother who passed away in December. A cancer org helped with some of the bills and cost of medication but not enough to catch up on the bills. Now Kira needs a $1,000 surgery. Removing this one expense would be a great relief.  

We really appreciate help covering the medical bills for Kira's unexpected surgery. It's always a challenge to get ahead of the bills in times of changing family circumstances and uncertainty, but it is a relief to not have to worry about adding another monthly bill for Kira's care when we have already been struggling. Kira is a great companion and friend. She provides structure and relief from the stresses of every day. I'm sure donors understand how much pets add to our lives and how much we love them and want them to be happy and comfortable. Thank you for helping us give that to Kira. We're so very grateful to have her and for your help.