I wanna thank you guys for covering a fee I am unavailable to pay for myself. I really like what you guys are doing in providing grants to owners that can't afford to pay and keep their pets in a stable condition. I had already lost my first dog about a year ago and I don't wanna lose another one. Nor do I ever wanna see my little buddy suffering and in pain. It just hurts a lot seeing them like that.

On top of all that, I had to use up my funds that I was saving for school, $30,000 to be specific. And after paying $700 in radiographs, blood work, treatment, etc. for my dog and seeing that I almost had to pay the same exact amount hurts a lot.

The stress and mental pain and emotional pain is just  a lot to deal with. But I'm glad that God could intervene through you guys financially. It seriously means a lot, and I really hope in the future when I'm financially stabled and trying to change the world that I could help you guys out a lot!

Thank You again!

Michael (me) & Capullo (my dog)