My Cavapoo is named Nalais and she was born on 7/4/16. She's an active dog that loves to play, run, and walk as much as she can. One day she wanted to play outside in the backyard. We went outside and the worst thing happened to her. I threw the ball so she could fetch it. She jumped to catch it and she landed the wrong way, then she twisted her little leg and it broke.

After that, we rushed her to the vet for surgery. When the surgery was finished we picked her up. It was a tough 8 weeks. But it was worth every minute and every second so I could see her play, run, and walk happily again. We came to BluePearl to get her an X-ray to see how her leg was doing and the vets informed us that we needed to pay a certain amount we couldn't afford; thanks to Frankies Friends, we were able to see her run and play again.