I wanted to reach out to say how very grateful I am for Frankie’s Friends. As hard as it to look at these photos, I wanted to share this day. I woke up to my son's dog and my dog a going at it. My husband had already left for work and I couldn’t get in between them to stop the fighting. A little piece died in me that day while I heard the growling and squeals.


My husband arrived home about 30 minutes later and at that point he told me to say good-bye to my dog, he thought she was dying. When my husband arrived at the hospital with our dog, the staff informed him that they wanted to put her into surgery into see if they could save her. They said it would be around $5,000. We love our dog but we don’t have that kind of money for medical care. That’s when the vet jumped in with the opportunity to help us with your grant.

I can’t even explain the thankfulness we feel in our hearts for your fundraising site. We have a long road of recovery ahead of us, however, the ease of not having to get loans out that would have added more stress to an already stressful situation really helped. Thank you.