Yoshi has had an ear infection in his left ear since I adopted him in February. He has literally been on medicine since then.

He also suffered chronic ear infections when he was in foster care for two years..

The dermatologist at the vet school said if he didn't get better, he'd have to have TECA surgery.  I had his ear cultured at my local vet to see if his infection was cured.  He had developed another type of bacterial infection in his left ear than the one the vet school had been treating him for.

His previous dermatologist says he has polyps in his left ear and should have had surgery two years ago. He will be kept three to five days after ear surgery for pain management.

Your support means everything to me.  I was only aware of one of his health problems when I adopted him and didn't expect to get leukemia and become unable to work.

Thank you.